Discord for NFTs. Basic principles


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Discord is a messenger similar to telegrams, but it is well adapted mainly for games. It so happened that approximately 90% of active participants in the NFT market use it. Also, it is worth considering that this is not a Russian-speaking audience.

If you launch a collection via Drop on your website, I wrote more about it here, then the main task is to grow a community that:

  • believe in your idea
  • love your project and your art
  • will buy your NFTs
  • won’t sell NFTs for fast x’s

Discord is the most convenient tool for this task. Plus, as I wrote above, 90% of users who have experience with NFT purchases are active users of this tool, so it makes almost no sense to start selling a collection without having Discord.

Marketing part (divided into internal and external marketing)

The technical part lends itself well to outsourcing.

  • Server Tuning
  • Initial design and first post
  • Setting up server categories
  • Setting up bots for analytics, etc.
  • Setting up an inactivity channel – inactive users go there for the period you set
  • Setting up an auto-moderation system (auto-removal of obscene language, pornography, etc.)
  • Assigning Roles to Users
  • Setting up an emoji community

Internal marketing – almost impossible to outsource

  • Description of the rules for adding to the community
  • Creating a script for getting users into a chat
  • Description of the rules according to which moderation will be given to users
  • Basic information about the project
  • Description of the scenario of the stages of disclosure of information about the project. It is important not to immediately layout everything planned, but to show it in parts, arousing interest.
  • Description of tasks within the community for members to gain access to the Whitelist
  • Creating a table with a plan on how many users should be included in the Whitelist at each stage.
  • Setting tasks for moderators
  • Moderator control
  • Statistics Tracking
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