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Instructions for assembling a mining farm
Maybe someone is interested, this is an instruction from my Moscow comrades from itsoft (not advertising, rather thanks for the info), who have their own data center in Moscow, they say that this instruction was gained through the mistakes of novice miners
Raw Materials

Housing – 1 pc.
Fans – 5 pcs.
Power supplies – 2 pcs.
Motherboard – 1 pc.
Raisers – 5 pcs.
Graphics boards – 5 pcs.
Hard disk – 1 pc.
Cables – a lot
First, let’s put everything on the cart. Such a wheelbarrow with contents costs a little more than 1.5 million rubles:

Let’s start assembling the farm

1. We assemble the case

We fastened the first two panels and then, following a simple instruction, assembled the rest, the body is riveted – they say it is more reliable, and the body is almost ready

Why are we building a closed and not an open farm?
It’s simple – in a closed farm, you can organize air flows.

Although purely psychologically it seems that the open one should be cooled better, in fact, the air flows coming from the air conditioner in the engine room cannot remove the local heat that forms pointwise and, unfortunately, in the most critical and loaded areas. A closed farm takes, speaking professionally, air from a cold corridor, passes it through itself and releases already heated air into a hot corridor

Thus, my mining comrades do not advise collecting this:

2. We fix the fans

Preparing fans for assembly: this is like the fans themselves, as well as grilles, grids and fasteners

Fix everything on the farm

3. Install power supplies

4. We place the motherboard

The board is installed on plastic supports, such as in a conventional system unit.

The supports are already included in the delivery of the truss. A few clicks and the board is in place

5. Connect risers

Graphics cards connected to risers

6. We mount the boards

for the correct calculation of the power supply;
attention to cabling and especially to the contact group;
to comply with fire safety measures when mining cryptocurrencies
7. We put a hard drive (or flash drive)


What’s the price?

Comrades do not want to advertise, and therefore they made only a general description

– Corps.

We take a purchased one, it has already thought out the location of shelves, mounting points for boards, power supplies, and fans. In a closed farm, the organization of airflows is also thought out. But you can make a farm yourself (for fire safety purposes, preferably not from wood). The case can be for 6, 9, and 12 video cards and they (cases) can be placed up to 8 pieces on top of each other. Weight from 6 to 10 kg.

Cost from 4 to 6 thousand rubles

– Fans

Similar to those that are in the system unit, but in fact much more productive. In our case – DELTA PFC1212DE 4.8A, 6000 rpm, 120 mm, power – 60-65 W each. A smaller power for cooling may not be enough, and a large one can lead to the burning of the wires on the power supply, in addition, an excessive load on the system is also not needed.

They cost about 900 rubles

– Power supply

It is better to use one – server DELL E2700P-00 at 2700 watts. The connectors are soldered with copper conductors, let’s say of sufficient cross-section, each of which can withstand 150-200 W loads.

The PSU costs around 20 thousand rubles.

The calculation of power consumption and the selection of the contact group is extremely important, so we don’t hold back, we don’t take the cheapest components, otherwise – failures, melting, and fire

– Graphic cards

RTX 3090, or rather three Palit GeForce RTX 3090 GamingPro 24 GB cards and two Palit GeForce RTX 3090 GameRock OC 24GB. The price of a GPU reaches 350 thousand rubles, it strongly depends on the market situation, so we indicate it approximately.

Use the GPUs you want

– Motherboard

It differs from the board that is in a regular system unit, at least in that it has a lot of connectors for graphics cards and other specialized components. On a particular farm, the ASUS B250 Mining Expert/Celeron G3930/4GB RAM/Heoriady SSD 128GB board is used. 19 PCle slots, 3 ATX 12V power connectors.

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