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It requires staking 32 ETH to run a node.

There are two types of nodes on the Ethereum network. The first is the one that can propose blocks, and the second is the one that can’t. Those nodes not required to commit ETH do not propose blocks, but they have an important role in the network’s security. This is because they hold all block proposers accountable.

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Gas fees will reduce after The Merge

The merge will not cause a reduction in gas fees. Although it will change the overall consensus algorithm, it will not expand the network capacity. However, scaling solutions are still undergoing development designed to reduce gas fees, most of which are targeted at layer 2s.

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Transaction speed will increase greatly

The transaction speed on the mainnet will remain relatively the same even after the merge, despite slight changes.

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The Merge upgrade is set up so there will be zero downtime. The network will keep functioning the way it should at all times.

The merge will lead to overall network downtime

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All staked ETH will be withdrawn after the merge

Validators leaving the network are rate limited. This is set in place for security purposes. There are limitations factored in that allow for approximately 43,200 ETH to leave per day. There is more than 13 million ETH staked at this time.

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